If you need to charge ten times more, Do It!

What is the difference between a 30£ massage and a 300£ massage?

How can I make a book cost 200£?

Or a hotel room 1500£?

“Something more” is the wrong answer.

In order to drastically increase the size of your audience or the price that you are applying, you need to do much more than work more hours.

We don't pay ten times more for words, or a bigger portion of fries or a nicer cocktail.

You are paying for a different emotion, a different story behind the product, a different experience.

The critic that does not like your work is right. He doesn’t like your work. There are no exceptions.

The critic that believes that nobody will like your work is wrong. You like your own work and maybe someone else will.

It is the only way to understand the 1-star reviews versus the 5-star ones on amazon.

This teaches us that there are always two types of audiences that will affect your sales.

The desired audience is the audience that has dreams and needs that perfectly work with your business and services. Then there is the accidental audience that is not aligned with your way of thinking and it fiends self-satisfaction by hating and negatively criticising your work.

They both are right! Your work/service cannot be everyone’s favourite.

This teaches us that before we lower our or raise our prices you should ask yourself how much is your work worth for you and what portion of the market are you catering to.