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Does perfect always serve?

Too many people waste a lot of time trying to make their product, blog, site, perfect launch. It will never be enough.

The search for perfection can limit your sales.

Rather worried about trying, getting feedback, improving and finally repeating. “Perfection” does not depend on you!

There are over two hundred and fifty thousand car models available for sale online. Can you name them? No one can even do a car collector.

And the same goes for sweatshirts, insurance brokers, churches.

So, how do we process information, remember and choose a product? We remember the best and above all the perfect one for us!

If we are interested in sustainability and price, our brain has a place for our favorite brand and is the only one to be perfect in terms of sustainability and price. However, our neighbor has another very different brand in mind.

Our job as a marketer is to identify a space on the map of the advantages that people (some people) want to find. So that the people who are looking for you can find you easily.

Only with time, the tests and the continuous improvements can you get closer and closer to the “perfection” for the customer. No company, including Amazon, feels perfect and will seek improvement day after day.

So the worst thing you can do is not start . There is no worse failure than not even trying. If there is one nice thing about the web, it is that many ideas can be realized at no cost or with modest amounts. Trying is important, you will always have the chance to try again with a new idea in the future.

Another important aspect is the future, learn to be happy without knowing the future . Anticipating often is an advantage but not always.

You can’t always predict what will happen in the business.

The world changes quickly, Your business will change. You yourself will change. As the great meditation gurus say: “learn to live in the present and leave past or future anxieties”.

Then remember, there is no better game than business and if you have started a good business, you will agree with me that business is the funniest social game there is!

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