What is Web Marketing?

There are many explanations to web marketing, I will try to summarise the most important concepts of what Web Marketing is for us at Sogetsy.

Web Marketing is a generous act of helping people to solve a problem. Their problem. Web Marketing is an opportunity to serve others.

Internet is one of the biggest mediums and at the same time one of the smallest. There is no mass on the internet and it is not possible to monopolise attention in exchange of currency as big companies were doing in the past. Most of the times marketing was translated to ads (radio, television etc.).

It all changed, meaning that you need to become an expert in Web Marketing by understanding what others see and perceive. It is necessary to create a “waiting list”. It is necessary to align yourself with the tribes of the internet. Conceptualizing ideas that can spread.

It means to create a difficult task of becoming oriented to the market and to work in that market.

A Marketer is interested in other people. He asks himself what are the common challenges that people are faced with and united by.

He is fascinated by their dreams and beliefs.

He has the humility to understand why audiences are lacking interest.

People aren't inclined to demonstrate attention.

By purchasing ads it does not give you an excessive monetary gain, by purchasing ads we can only hope that people will start to exchange their attention for something that they may want or need. They give you their attention because they hope you can deliver what is advertised/promised.

Not everyone is interested, but if your job is done correctly a satisfactory amount will be.

Web Marketing does not make miracles, Web Marketing amplifies what you are doing well and allows you to increase positive results of businesses that are already doing a good job.

Web Marketing does not transform your products, it doesn’t make your competitors nicer, it doesn’t eliminate bad reviews (It shouldn’t), it doesn’t satisfy unsatisfied clients.

Web Marketing in some cases translates to putting a turbo on your business. A turbo on a Porsche is not the same thing as a turbo on a Ford Fiesta without wheels.

Before spending money on Web Marketing make sure your business is healthy, or at least that it has wheels.